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Can my existing manual gate be automated?
Yes, usually an existing manual gate can be automated. The gate needs to be structurally fine and can withstand the strains that automation places on the gate.
Do electric gates give trouble?

No, if installed correctly with good quality materials. Also, all automated gate systems need servicing, just like your car, to maintain the performance, safety and reliability of the system, and to extend the life expectancy.

What will stop the gate closing if I’m driving in or out? installs various different safety control devices, to protect both pedestrians and vehicles moving in and out of the gateway. Safety photocells will stop the electric gates from closing onto the vehicle.

What happens if there is a power cut?

If the power is cut to the gates, then there is a manual release mechanism on all motors, which allow you to disengage the motors and move the gate manually during the power cut. Once the power is restored, the motor can be re-engaged and the gates will work automatically again. At handover of any new installation, our technician will hand over the manual release key (which should be kept in a safe place) and will show you how to use the manual release system.

What is the advantage of underground motors?

Underground motors are often preferred because the motors are hidden out of sight and don’t spoil the aesthetics of the automated gates, underground systems are slightly more expensive than gate mounted systems and the installation may take slightly longer.

My gate is a long way from an electrical supply, can it be solar powered?

Yes, can provide a range of solar powered options.

Should electric gates be installed by a professional?

Yes because it is only a professional that has been trained to a high standard that will understand the complexities of installing an automatic gate

How do I get spare parts?

All electric gate accessories and spare parts are held in stock.

I want to design your own wrought iron gates?

No problem – we will help you as much as we can to make the process easy. You can also tell us what type of finish you want, ie, galvanised, powder coated, or sprayed and even choose a colour.

How long does it take to install domestic gates and automation?

It depends on the size of the gates, the level of access controls and availability of the power source for the automation but usually between 1 and 2 days.

Can additional key fob transmitters be ordered after the installation and if so how?

Yes, you can either call us or email us and we can arrange to post or deliver additional key fob transmitters to you

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